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Dancebites was founded in 1999 by Samantha Lindsay. The company prides itself on delivering the highest standard of dance classes within schools and at our studios. It now sees hundreds of students per week attend its classes.

We specialise in Street Dance, Classical Ballet, Tap, Contemporary, Drama & Singing.

Each Dancebites School has its own highly qualified set of teachers and admin staff who want only the best for its budding students and families.

Whether you are 4 or 14 Dancebites has something to offer you. You could be a budding Justin Timberlake, Darcy Bussell or think you could give Ant & Dec a run for their money, Dancebites is the place for you.  Or maybe you just want to have fun with friends, keep fit or learn something new, Dancebites has something for everyone.

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Dancebites prides itself on having the personal touch and being a fun, friendly learning environment – with this attitude we achieve great results.

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I have been at Dancebites since I was 5, and now I’m nearly 10. Sam is such a good dance teacher.

Lucie    28th June 2013  

My daughter has truly loved her time at Dancebites. The company itself is run so well and all the teachers I met are really lovely, and great with the children. Big thank yous to Sam and her wonderful team xx

Katherine Carter    24th May 2014  

DanceBites is the best dance school I have ever been to! I take senior dance on a monday night and I love it!! i have been taught by sam on a monday and by Hannah on a friday at school! Im gonna miss dancebites when im older but for now this has been the best 2 years of my life!!

Rebecca Ferncombe    7th September 2009  

Dancebites rules!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so glad I go. Everyone I know which go to Dancebites, are always telling me how much they enjoy it xxxx

Mia Jennings    14th July 2011  

We have been coming to Dancebites for 4 years and we have enjoyed every minute of it! Also we can’t wait till the next dance show!

Megan Little & Lauren Hoggett    29th July 2009  

Great show yesterday!!!

Sara Williams    18th September 2009  

One Night Only”! Another fantastic show! Everyone did you proud Sam! DanceBites is such an fantastic way for our kids to have fun, get fit and feel proud of their achievements! Sam you have really inspired Caitlin, thank you so much for her solo opportunity! She is still buzzing! Go DanceBites!!!!

Tracey Reed    13th July 2015  

i like how hanna dances and i am in street dance

Brian Ziliddamu    14th July 2011  

Yo sam i love dancing you make me have a a felling that i want to dance even more you are the inspratsoin of dancing love Robyn

Robyn Circelli    11th February 2012  

Dancebites is amazing we have so much fun there and always look forward to going x

Taylor    12th July 2012  

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