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Dancebites was founded in 1999 by Samantha Lindsay. The company prides itself on delivering the highest standard of dance classes within schools and at our studios. It now sees hundreds of students per week attend its classes.

We specialise in Street Dance, Classical Ballet, Tap, Contemporary, Drama & Singing.

Each Dancebites School has its own highly qualified set of teachers and admin staff who want only the best for its budding students and families.

Whether you are 4 or 14 Dancebites has something to offer you. You could be a budding Justin Timberlake, Darcy Bussell or think you could give Ant & Dec a run for their money, Dancebites is the place for you.  Or maybe you just want to have fun with friends, keep fit or learn something new, Dancebites has something for everyone.

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Dancebites prides itself on having the personal touch and being a fun, friendly learning environment – with this attitude we achieve great results.

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Dear Sam, I am so amazed at you and your team! I sat in my front row seat on Saturday and watched hundreds (it looked like hundreds when they all came out at the end!) of kids and young people give an absolutely seamless performance. It was brilliant! Everyone was ace! You had all obviously worked so hard and, perhaps more importantly, everyone looked like they were having such a great time. I am dazzled by your ability to get them all to do what they are supposed to do at the right time and in the right place – mostly! I have a hard enough time getting two of them to do what I ask! Please keep doing what you do. You are all an inspiration! I hope you have had a couple of quiet days to recover from the whole thing but, somehow, I doubt that! Thank you so much and well done! Lots of love Sally (Georgie’s Mum)

Sally Hayley    12th July 2012  

You should defintly go to D.B it is the most amazing dance group ever Sam is amazing everything is AMAZING you meet great friends and lots more GO TO D.B!!! 😛

Scarlett    14th July 2011  

I have been doing Dancebites for 5 years, coming up to 6 now and everyone who has taught me over the years are absolute inspirations! I love the choreography of all our dances xx

Dione Lewis    11th February 2012  

The Dancebites show at the Epsom theatre was so fun I enjoyed it so much and my costume was awesome I’m glad Sam chose it!

Clarissa Ractliffe    12th July 2012  

Both of my sons have been with Dancebites over the last 4 years. The teachers are excellent and have given my sons the confidence to do brilliant things!

Becky Tucker    29th July 2009  

Just had to tell you the show rocked!!!!! My son told me he was proud of himself xx truly inspiring thanku xx get well soonxx Eli mummy pippa xx

Pippa Taylor    13th July 2015  

I used to do dancebites and really enjoyed it… hope everyone is having as much fun as I did!!!

Izabella Poncia Raccani    14th July 2011  

i love dancebites sam makes it so fun and i cant wait to do the show next year it will be great i also love the knick names sam gives mine is elz and the clothes she wears ar emence GO DANCEBITES :)

Ellie Fisher    8th December 2009  

I joined Dancebites at Poplar Primary School when I was in reception doing Street Dance. I am now part of Born to Perform and Tap & Ballet too and I love all of it. I leave Poplar this term but have already signed up for Monday Night Street at Christophers! Dancebites are like my family and I can’t imagine not being part of this great company.

Isobelle Webb    16th July 2014  

The show at Wimbledon Theatre was fantastic. Emma is only 5 but was jumping up and down in the que at the stage door on the way in and beaming on the way out! How Sam and Jo got so many kids to perform and get on and off the stage in order i’ll never know. I’ll never forget the beaming smile on Emma as she spotted me in the audience at the Finale. A night for us all to remember forever! Roll on Just Dance 2011!

Julie Eaton    6th July 2010  

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