Past Pupils

Some of the Past Pupils at Dancebites & Outstanding featured Dancebites Dancers
Bethany Weaver
I am now in my 3rd year at the Urdang Academy doing a degree in professional dance and musical theatre, I am enjoying every moment of training and I will be playing Helen burns in my 3rd year musical Jayne Ayre!
I trained in street at Dancebites and I loved it! Street and commercial is still one of my strongest dance styles along side ballet jazz contemporary and tap! Dance bites was so enjoyable and Sam was a fab teacher!
Cuba & Bleu Parris
The boys attended Dancebites at Burlington school from the age of 6 through to the age of 11. They then continued training with Sam and the DB Team at the Saturday Born 2 Perform Academy. Since leaving Dancebites Cuba and Bleu Parris, now 18, have gone on to great things. They currently represent England in Karate and will go on to do this at senior level once 18. They also play National League basketball for Kingston Wildcats. They have also appeared in photographic shoots for Tassimo and TV commercials for McDonald’s.

They obtained all A’s and A*in their 11 GCSE’ s and are currently studying A Levels at Coombe Sixth Form in  Biology,Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Economics and PE with a view for Cuba to study Medicine and Bleu a degree in Economics.

They LOVED their time at Dancebites and always gave the girls a run for their money!

Ben Webb, Poplar Primary School

“I have been doing Street Dance at Poplar Primary School since I joined in Reception.  I am now in year 6 and the split leap is my favourite move.  I am very sporty and Dance helps keep me fit, I just wish more boys would see the benefits of dance and join!”

Sara Aceto, DB Elite Team “I have been dancing since I was 4 years old and I have been with Dancebites since I was 12. I love how Dancebites is hard work but also good fun at the same time! I got to know new people and learn new skills from different teachers through the years. Dance is a way to be creative and express yourself and that’s why I enjoy doing it so much!”
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