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Dancebites was founded in 1999 by Samantha Lindsay. It now sees over 400 students per week attend its classes.

We specialise in Street Dance, Classical Ballet, Tap, Jazz Technique, Drama and singing. Whether you are 4 or 14 Dancebites has something to offer you.

So whether you are a budding Justin Timberlake, Darcy Bussell or think you could give Ant & Dec a run for their money, Dancebites is the place for you.  Or maybe you just want to have fun with friends, keep fit or learn something new, Dancebites is also the place for you.

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We have amazing news- Dancebites is EXPANDING! To do this Nicole has been appointed as the NEW Dancebites Co-ordinator to assist with the expansion and running of the company! Nicole has been with Dancebites since last September, she teaches all styles of dance and has trained extensively in the USA (feel free to check out her bio on About Us-Our Teachers Page). Some of you take class with Nicole and I’m sure most of you have seen her around the schools and the production! This is a very exciting time for Dancebites. We now will have another full time dedicated member of staff! Please welcome her and introduce yourself so she can get to know all of you- Exciting times are ahead!


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Dancebites prides itself on having the personal touch and being a fun, friendly learning environment – with this attitude we achieve great results.

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Dear Sam, I am so amazed at you and your team! I sat in my front row seat on Saturday and watched hundreds (it looked like hundreds when they all came out at the end!) of kids and young people give an absolutely seamless performance. It was brilliant! Everyone was ace! You had all obviously worked so hard and, perhaps more importantly, everyone looked like they were having such a great time. I am dazzled by your ability to get them all to do what they are supposed to do at the right time and in the right place – mostly! I have a hard enough time getting two of them to do what I ask! Please keep doing what you do. You are all an inspiration! I hope you have had a couple of quiet days to recover from the whole thing but, somehow, I doubt that! Thank you so much and well done! Lots of love Sally (Georgie’s Mum)

Sally Hayley  12th July 2012

I love dance bites sam your the best teacher I could ever ask for thank you great dancer love you bi from robyn and jordan gooch

Jordan Taylor Goochand her best pall Robyn  14th July 2011

sam is really cool i love her soooo much !!!!!!!!! xxxxx

Chloe Fletcherricards and intermediate tap  3rd October 2009

Yo sam i love dancing you make me have a a felling that i want to dance even more you are the inspratsoin of dancing love Robyn

Robyn Circelli  11th February 2012

i like how hanna dances and i am in street dance

Brian Ziliddamu  14th July 2011

Before my daughter Rio started going to Dancebites, she was very shy and didn’t have a lot of confidence, but since she has started dancing she is a different girl and that’s thanks to Dancebites, Sam and now Jo, because she come alive when she starts dancing, and rushes home from school on Monday & Wednesday so she can go to dance- I’m so grateful to Dancebites!

Kaye Wardparent  29th July 2009

I Love DanceBites. I Have Been Doing It Since Year 4 And I Am Now In Year 7 And Doing It In Coombe. I Have Just Started Born 2 Peform And I LOVE It x x x

Christie Mallett  8th December 2009

Dancebites is a great dance school and is really fun, the dance moves are amazing and the routines are fab!!!

Chloe Sylvester  3rd October 2009

i love D.B i have know been doing it for 5 yrs and i has been fantastic i have leart gr8 stuff and amazing oppachunitys (i dont know how to spell it) like: tours ,wimbldon thearte and lots more we love u SAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!

Scarlini Sutcliffe scarlett  18th September 2010

Dancebites are amazing and we love coming to classes, now were @ high skol we cant dance 2gether anymore but rebex goes to monday classes and hopefully molly will b starting soon!!!! WE LOVE DB!! DANCEBITES ROXZ!!!! xx

Rebex Ferncombe and Molly Connolly  3rd October 2009
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